Equivalence of rules and regulations of Unified Sports Classification System of Russia and special physical fitness standards of federal sports training standard (case study of cycling and swimming)

PhD, Associate Professor A.V. Kubeev1
PhD (Psychology), Associate Professor L.V. Vinokurov2
1Federal Scientific Center for Physical Culture and Sports, Moscow
2St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg

Objective of the study was to analyze the compatibility of the main normative legal acts within the system of athletic training of sports reserve, in particular, the Unified Sports Classification System of Russia and the Federal Sports Training Standard.
Methods and structure of the study. The study was carried out in 2019 within the framework of the research work of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Scientific Center of Physical Culture and Sports dedicated to swimming and cycling as those representing the group of cyclic sports (hereinafter referred to as "selected sports"). The research methods applied during the study included theoretical and historiographic analyses, methods of mathematical statistics. The full scope of research work on the subject under study included collection, integration, and analysis of the data obtained by Unified Sports Classification System of Russia and Federal Sports Training Standard on the selected sports for the period of 2013-2020 to ensure that the structure, content, requirements, rules, and standards are in line with each other.
Results of the study and conclusions. The analysis of the special physical fitness standards of Federal Sports Training Standard for the admission of athletes to the stages of athletic training in the selected sports in terms of the special physical fitness standards and the corresponding norms of Unified Sports Classification System of Russia did not confirm their compatibility and equivalence.
The findings indicated the lack of coordination among the organizations involved in the drafting and adoption of the main normative legal acts of sports reserve training in our country.
The results obtained can be used in the formation of a unified system of prospective normative acts that regulate the activities of the organizations implementing athletic training programs.

Keywords: sports classification, athletic training, swimming, cycling, sports reserve, normative legal act.


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