Development of speed-strength qualities of young sprinters at initial sport specialization stage

Postgraduate student A.V. Lazutkin
State Social and Humanitarian University, Kolomna, Moscow Region

Objective of the study was to substantiate the methodology of development of speed and speed-strength qualities of young sprinters at the initial sport specialization stage.
Methods and structure of the study. Sampled for the one-year educational experiment were the young sprinters (aged 12-14 years), 20 people in each age group. They were divided into the Control (CG) and Experimental (EG) Groups. The tests were carried out in the stadiums, in the athletics arenas. The training loads in the annual training cycle were dozed in the following way: the preparatory training period consisted of two stages: conditioning and special physical training. The main focus of the 1st stage of the preparatory period was on the creation and development of prerequisites for rounding into form. The main aim of the 2nd stage was to increase the level of special physical fitness in order to get in good shape: increase of the intensity of sports training by means of increasing the volume of rigorous exercises, while reducing the total number of training tools.
Results of the study and conclusions. The first- and second-year student athletes of the EG reached 77% of the current qualifying standards, and those of the CG - 59.3% only. The targeted use of special exercises in application to young sprinters contributes to the development of speed and speed-strength qualities. We designed the model training sessions aimed to develop the following physical qualities: speed and speed-strength qualities; speed endurance and speed-strength qualities; speed-strength qualities; strength and speed-strength qualities.

Keywords: young sprinters, training loads, speed-strength qualities building, training stages.:


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