Pedagogical control of university basketball picked team training based on throwing technique rating

Associate Professor V.G. Chibrikina1
Yu.P. Alekseeva1
N.G. Vronskaya1
1Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok

Objective of the study was to determine the level of technical and physical fitness of the basketball players who joined the university team at the initial stage, and then after a certain period of training as the team members.
Methods and structure of the study. The experiment involved 49 students - members of the university’s basketball picked teams (both male and female). 80% of them participated twice - in the 1st and 3rd years of study. This testing enabled to further adjust the planning and content of training in a timely manner.
Results of the study and conclusions. The testing was carried out in the required intensity mode: the students were to make mid-range shots with a stop after dribbling, followed by a jerk to pick the ball after the shot and drive it to the throwing position, which corresponds to the conditions of game situations arising during competitions. The analysis of test results showed that, in terms of intensive motor activity, there is a temporary decrease in the players’ working capacity during the 4th, 5th min, which can be described as a temporary decrease in special working capacity. The effectiveness of motor actions increases in the process of work. In this regard, objective test data can only be obtained if test duration exceeds 10 min.
The comparative analysis of the later and earlier test rates and subsequent comparison of the number of completed shots, their result and number of training sessions for a certain period of work will help coaches identify the strengths and weaknesses of certain stages of work. The information received will serve as the basis for planning the subsequent training period.

Keywords: testing, basketball, shots, students, team, players.


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