Активный досуг узбекской молодежи в аспекте социологического анализа

Postgraduate student A.S. Gonashvili1
PhD, Associate Professor A.N. Shopulatov2
Dr.Sc.Econ., Professor M.S. Kasimova3
PhD, Associate Professor N.N. Nazarov2
F.M. Yakubov2
1St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg
2Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports, Chirchik
3Tashkent State University of Economics, Tashkent

Keywords: leisure, time budgets, sports, youth, sociological research.

Respondents devote 12 % of their weekly time to sports, which is 2 % more than to study. Most respondents are in a static (sitting) position (29 %). Respondents can be divided into two groups: those who started exercising at an early age, and those who later started doing it.those respondents who started exercising earlier spend more time on sports in General.


  1. Kharchenko Yu. V. sporting: sport, leisure and consumption styles in modern Russia / Yu. V. Kharchenko, O. Yu. Gurova // Economic sociology. - 2010. - Vol. 11. - No. 2. - P. 73-90.