Structure and content of block training system in application to beginner footballers


PhD N.I. Shagin
Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

The article presents a training program for beginner football players, which is built on interconnected and sequentially conducted blocks that have their own structure and content.
The Program proposes block (module) periodization of sports training of junior football players, where a coach is given the topic(s) of the block (module) only, and it is his independent creative work to find the means of its (their) implementation, as well as set the ultimate objective of the block (module). From a methodological perspective, the block (module) sequence is as follows: at the first training stage, football players are taught to focus on the ball and manipulate it individually, then - to concentrate on the ball; at the next stage, this distribution is as follows: the ball (individual ball manipulations), the goal (vector of actions with/ without the ball), and the opponent (resistance to the player’s actions); the third stage is when the player is able to concentrate on all the elements of game situation: the ball (individual ball manipulations), the goal (vector of actions with/ without the ball), the opponent (resistance to the player’s actions), the partner (interactions). At the fourth stage, football players are taught to interact with each other, and, therefore, the team score is nothing but the result of effective interaction at the fourth stage. At the previous stages, too much time is devoted to individual action training to the detriment of the team score. The proposed sequence of sports training makes allowance for individual characteristics of each junior football player.
The program under consideration was tried and tested and proved to be highly effective, which enables to recommend it to specialists working with beginner football players of Children and Youth Sports Schools, Sports Schools of Olympic Reserve, and football academies.

Keywords: football, beginner athletes, block training system, exercises.


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