Problem of Conceptual Framework for Development of Physical Education Subject Modernization Concept

Problem of Conceptual Framework for Development of Physical Education Subject Modernization Concept


Dr.Hab., Professor V.P. Lukyanenko
North Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol

Objective of the study was to conduct a theoretical and methodological analysis of causes for the insufficient development of the Concept of modernization of the content and teaching technologies of the subject "Physical Education" in the general education institutions of the Russian Federation.
Methods and structure of the study. A theoretical analysis of documentary sources was conducted.
Results of the study. The study is focused on the conceptual and terminological issues emerging when considering them from general scientific and common didactic positions. The article covers the reasons that hinder the formation of the efficient Concept and are associated with serious conceptual and terminological errors, incorrect use and interpretation of a number of basic concepts in the sphere of physical education, their correlation, which is inaccessible in documents of this kind.
Conclusion. The article enables to gain a better understanding of the subject "Physical Education " in relation to pedagogical activity in the field of basic education and, from the perspective of more justified and methodologically sound positions, define the essence of the subject and its main purpose, which should be reflected in the Concept.

Keywords: physical education, concept, modernization, concept definition, methodological foundations, academic subject, educational process, basic education.


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