Academic Physical Education in Higher Educational Institutions


Dr.Hab., Professor G.A. Gilev1, 2
PhD E.V. Egorycheva2
Associate Professor E.A. Klusov2
PhD Yu.V. Kraev3
1Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow
2Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow
3Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow

Objective of the study was to analyze organization of the faculty work in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education (FSESHE) on the subject "Physical Education" and elaborate recommendations on how to amend the existing standards.
Methods and structure of the study. The study was carried out at Moscow State Industrial University. The article presents the peculiarities of work of the Physical Education Department, organized in accordance with the requirements of the FSESHE.
Results of the study. The authors note that according to the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard 3, the multiyear (2012-2015) educational process resulted in a positive increase of the students’ physical fitness rates. In view of the transition to training within the FSES 3+ that happened in 2015, the algorithm of operation of the Department changed: the academic discipline was divided into two parts, the volume of classroom hours decreased, the funding was cut, which negated the effectiveness of work of the Physical Education Department.
Conclusion. In view of the standing practice of the Physical Education Department of Moscow State Industrial University and in order to improve the current university physical education system, the authors elaborated recommendations on how to change the content of the FSESHE 3++ on the subject "Physical Education" under the Bachelor's program.

Keywords:  students, health, physical rehabilitation, educational process, self-training practices.


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