Analysis of relevant thesis research directions in physical education and sport sector in 2017-2018


Dr.Hab., Professor B.N. Shustin1
PhD V.N. Baranov1
Dr.Hab. V.F. Noskova2
1Federal Research Center for Physical Culture and Sports (FRC VNIIIFK), Moscow
2St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg

The given article presents an analysis of the areas of thesis research in the field of physical education and sports in the main research directions over the period from 2017 to 2018. The analysis was carried out according to the traditional structure; in teaching professions, as well as in other branches of science; according to the structure of the specialty 13.00.04 – "Theory and methodology of physical education, sports training, health-improving and adaptive physical education"; by major groups of sports. We identified the most intensively developed avenues of research in Russia.
The study showed that the experts place the highest emphasis on the problems of elite sports and training of sports reserves, as well as mass physical education and sports. Among the groups of sports, the highest priority was given to sports games and martial arts.
The data obtained are generally consistent with the results of a general analysis of the development trends in the domestic thesis researches over the period from 1991 to 2016. Based on the analysis, the authors conclude that such researches make it possible to highlight not only the most relevant avenues of current studies in the field of physical education and sports, but also possible ways to develop sports science in the future.

Keywords: thesis research, physical education, sports, scientific occupations, branches of science.


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