Use of Bosu Pro hemisphere at academic fitness aerobics classes


PhD, Associate Professor E.D. Mitusova1
PhD, Associate Professor G.V. Shvets1
PhD L.A. Simonyan1
1State Social and Humanitarian University, Kolomna, Moscow Region

The present article covers the main characteristics and possibility of application during the training sessions of a set of exercises with the use of an unstable platform "Bosu Pro" equipped with removable expanders. One of the main advantages of this model is a stable, durable plastic base of the platform. The unstable platform is used in the process of physical education of university students and helps improve their functional state, physical fitness level and motivation for physical education classes.
The given study was based on an educational experiment involving the first-year female students of the teacher training faculty of State Institute of Humanities and Social Studies. For this purpose, the authors formed the Experimental and Control Groups of 11 subjects each trained for two semesters (9 months). In the Experimental Group, a set of exercises with the use of the unstable platform "Bosu Pro" was applied during the training sessions. The students of the Control Group were trained according to the standard physical education curriculum.
The levels of physical development and functional fitness were assessed based on the following indicators: body weight, fat component, resting heart rate, Romberg test.
The students’ physical fitness level was evaluated in 6 tests: standing long jump; 4x9m shuttle run; push-ups (with the hands on the gymnastic bench); forward bends while standing on a gymnastic bench, with the hands reaching below the support level; sit-ups and1 minute squats.
The results obtained in the Experimental Group, where this set of exercises was used, showed statistically significantly improvement in all of the indicators.

Keywords: female students, recreational acrobatics, complex exercises, neuromuscular training, unstable platform "Bosu Pro".


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