GTO complex coverage by national research and sport periodicals: sociological survey and analysis



Dr.Hab., Professor  L.I. Lubysheva1
Master M.P. Roube1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

In 2014, by a decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the complex was put into effect on September 1, 2014. Thus, the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex “Ready for work and defence” became a new social project for a large part of modern Russian society. The complexity of studying the GTO complex is that, unlike special sports disciplines, it is designed for the comprehensive physical development of a person, and the standards are divided into eleven steps, which allows everyone who is 6 years old to test their abilities.
The results of a sociological study showed that due to the complexity of the category system, practical workers do not always have scientifically based methodological materials to prepare the population for passing the GTO tests. Publications addressing the problems of the GTO complex in scientific periodicals are not enough, and therefore there is a need for updating this topic. Scientific journals should become a discussion platform for industry experts and a tool that forms a vector for topical research on the problems of the All-Russian Central Trade Union..

Keywords: GTO complex, scientific and sports periodicals, sociological research, Internet marketing.


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