Benefits of intensity-zone trainings for 17-18 year-old racing cyclists tested by aerobic/ anaerobic working capacity


Dr. of Sciences, Professor Maher Ahmed Al-Issawi1
Dr. of Sciences Ali Hamid Abdul Karim1
1Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad (Iraq)

The study was designed to test cardiovascular system performance in the 17-18 year old racing cyclists qualified for the Iraqi League Race. Anaerobic exchange threshold rating tests were run at the Physical Education and Sport College Laboratory of Qadissiya University to outline the training intensity zones and find the optimal individual workloads. Physio Flow test system was used to obtain the cardiac function rates and stroke volumes; with the test data processed by SPSS statistical software tools. The training module was 12 weeks long, with the training workloads individualized for the anaerobic exchange threshold rating purposes. The individual training workloads were varied from the low-intensity (65% anaerobic exchange threshold) to extreme-intensity (106% anaerobic exchange threshold) rates by the heart rate readings. Recommended individual training workloads were calculated by the median Borg’s training intensity rate multiplied by the workload time. The traditional pedaling practices in the trainings were combined with strength building ones, with every training session preceded by warm-up flexibility exercises to prevent injuries and finalized by relaxation practices. The controlled-intensity training module was found beneficial as verified by the meaningful improvements in the cardiac functionality and competitive success rates.

Keywords: intensity zones, Borg scale, heart rate, anaerobic exchange threshold, junior racing cyclists.


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