Test toolkit to rate customer satisfaction with physical education and sport service qualit


Dr.Hab., Professor O.N. Stepanova1
PhD, Associate Professor E.N. Latushkina2
1Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow
2Russian State Social University, Moscow

As required by the international ISO 9000 standards and their Russian equivalents, a quality management system in any service sector shall include the customer satisfaction rating tests. The article offers a conceptual approach and a customer satisfaction rating scale for the physical education and sport service quality assurance initiatives, with the ‘priority’ versus ‘compliance’ points; plus a set of universal quality rates and a practical test toolkit. The proposed method gives the extensive means for the management decision-making process to: analyze the clients’ need and demands and effectively prioritize them; profile the customer satisfaction with a corporate physical education and sport service quality; find ways to improve performance of the physical education and sport service company and step up the service quality; select the most efficient tools to promote the physical education and sport service company; and increase the physical education and sport service company profitability via the growing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Keywords: ISO 9000, physical education and sport service quality, customer satisfaction, rating method, ‘priority’ versus ‘compliance’ points».


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