Sport center as social locus

Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2019

PhD, Associate Professor A.K. Idiatullov1
PhD, Associate Professor V.N. Fedorov1
Dr.Sc.Hist., Professor L.A. Taymasov2
1Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University n.a. I.N. Ulyanov, Ulyanovsk
2Chuvash State University n.a. I.N. Ulyanov, Cheboksary

Sport games of the Tatar and Bashkir communities represent the most numerous and popular game group in these ethnic groups, and this is quite understandable. As rightly noted by V.N. Vsevolodsky-Gerngross, sport games are "the most socially useful of all games in general" as they develop both physical and mental skills and teach to win. Therefore, they are the most persistent, less subject to changes, and the most organized of all games.
Objective of the present study was to analyze the ethnic sport situation in the Tatar and Bashkir communities in the Middle Volga and Transurals regions via an online questionnaire survey completed in 2016-17. Sampled for the survey were 639 people including 463 Tatar, 116 Bashkir, 46 Russian and 14 other self-identified nationals; with the sample dominated by the Tatar group from Tatarstan (n=157) and Ulyanovsk Oblast (n=145) and Bashkir group from Bashkortostan (n=89). Our analysis of the popular ethnic sport games shows that they are dominated by the competitive spirit prioritizing ones.

Keywords: ethnic sport games, Tatar, Bashkir, traditions.


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