Healthy lifestyle related values and motivations building in university students

Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2019

O.I. Myakisheva1
PhD, Associate Professor G.V. Valeeva1
Associate Professor E.V. Prokhorova1
Associate Professor V.A. Khadzhimamedova1
1Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, Ufa

Healthy lifestyle is a cumulative system that includes no bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs), proper rest, proper diet, physical activity combined with relaxation, walking outdoors, and achieving goals and most importantly motivation. Objective of the present study was to test, by a questionnaire survey, the healthy lifestyle related values and motivations in university students. Sampled for the survey were the first- (n=761 including 482 males and 279 females) and third-year students (n=829 including 447 males and 382 females) whose healthy lifestyle related values and motivations were probed by a survey form. The age gap in the sample was intended to rate progress/ regress in every healthy lifestyle motivation with age. The survey data were interpreted as indicative of the senior students being more determined in the healthy lifestyle issues (apparently due to better physical education competency), more active in the off-class physical trainings, and more efficient in the time management, healthy diets and healthy daily regimes. In addition, the 3-year students were tested with positive changes in their attitudes to alcohol and tobacco, more active in habitual fitness, swimming, body-building etc. practices and on the whole committed to the modern healthy lifestyles. The survey data show that the efforts to form due health motivations in university students offer high potential benefits albeit never easy in the healthy lifestyle cultivation projects.

Keywords: academic education, students, questionnaire survey, physical education, healthy lifestyle.


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