Elementary kicking leg movement biomechanics for body kicks in kickboxing


Associate Professor, PhD A.A. Jalilov1
Dr.Hab. V.F. Balashova1
Associate Professor, PhD A.A. Podlubnaya1
1Togliatti State University, Togliatti

The growing competitiveness in the modern kickboxing sport urges the sport specialists look for new ways to improve the training systems, and many of them give a special attention to the elementary kicking leg movement biomechanics analyses viewed among the key training process improvement options. It should be mentioned that the elementary kicking leg movement biomechanics are considered increasingly topical by the sport specialists since an individual progress in the kickboxing sport largely depends on how efficient is the skill mastering process with due consideration for the movement biomechanics within the relevant systemic knowledgebase. It means that every sport specialist needs a good knowledge of the sport-specific techniques and their building logics ratable by the relevant execution quality rating criteria.
The modern national and foreign reference literature on the subject still gives little if any consideration to the elementary kicking leg movement biomechanics in kickboxing on the whole and body kicks in particular.
The study was intended to analyze some outstanding issues of the kicking leg movement biomechanics using a wide range of mathematical/ computer processing tools to work out a biomechanical model to rate the kicking leg movement techniques in body kick sequences. We used a systemic structural analysis theory to find the key logics for the modeling process. The spatial, temporal and dynamic movement rating characteristics helped us identify the key biomechanical factors/ criteria that may be applied to improve the training process quality.

Keywords: spatial and temporal position rating criteria, kicking technique, dynamic characteristics, factorial structure.


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