Key research fields for rural and urban school physical education specialists

Dr.Hab., Professor L.V. Vedernikova1
PhD, Associate Professor S.A. Elantseva1
PhD, Associate Professor O.A. Povoroznyuk1
1Tyumen State University, Tyumen

Initiatives to encourage research activity of the rural and urban school physical education (PE) specialists are given a high priority today due to the fact that PE staff members are always among the leaders of the socio-cultural environment formation process, particularly in the rural communities. We believe that the research activity of an education specialist is largely determined by the research mission in the context of the relevant cognitive (consciousness), emotional (compassion), behavioral (cooperation) aspects of the individual world outlook, socializing model and the professional service competencies of importance for a personality and professional. The article overviews the newly created University-school Cooperation Program to Advance School Research Projects with contributions from teachers and students, with the following key goals:
• Design a consistent education and tutorial process at school to encourage the design and research initiatives by teachers and students;
• Cultivate the joint design and research activity at schools; and
• Create facilitating conditions for the cooperative design and research activity at schools.

Keywords: research activity, research mission, consciousness, compassion, cooperation, self-identification, self-fulfillment, self-control.


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