Elite tennis players’ physical fitness analysis


Dr.Hab., Professor A.P. Skorodumova1
PhD A.A. Trukhachev2
1Russian Federal Research Center for Physical Culture and Sports (VNIIFK), Moscow
2National Nuclear Research University "MEPhI", Moscow

Objective of the study was to analyze the key aspects of the physical and functional fitness factors in the national tennis elite. The 17-23 year-old (n=36) elite tennis players were sampled for the study. A factorial analysis under the study made it possible to find five key physical and functional fitness factors. The most influential factor includes 12 criteria to rate the physical qualities. Special physical and functional fitness may largely be rated by the classified endurance types (48%) and the speed (28%) and speed-strength (8%) rates. As far as the endurance types are concerned, the key role is played by the aerobic capacity related endurance, with improvements in the aerobic capacity being critical for the working capacity maintenance for the whole match time. Progress of elite tennis players was found to depend rather on a harmonized development of the sport-specific physical qualities and skills pivotal for the competitive success than on some specific physical quality, regardless of how important the latter is for the competitive progress.

Keywords: physical and functional fitness, factor structure, competitive success, elite tennis players.


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