Consumer demand prioritizing model promotion in sport


Dr.Sc.Psych. V.B. Myakonkov1
PhD, Associate Professor Т.V. Kopylova2
1Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg
2St. Petersburg National Research University of ITMO, St. Petersburg

The study analyzes benefits of a multipurpose consumer demand prioritizing sport service model that gives the means to cater for the actual consumer demands by a range of sport products on the market. An idea of the model is to capitalize on and satisfy the traditional consumer expectations in the sport sector, with the practical consumer demand prioritizing model being customizable to the local sport development goals, their role in the socio-economic progress agenda and meanings of the sport values for the group/ community. Modern sport products of high demand on the market will cater for every element of the consumer predispositions. Active athletes shall be viewed as an important consumer group with its specific life cycles and agendas largely contributing to the process of the irrational consumer demands being channeled and replaced by the rational consumer demand prioritizing service model. Since the modern competitive sports are increasingly commercial, they provide sound financial motivations, among other things, for the consumer demand with the relevant predispositions to certain brand names. The study shows the need for the consumer demand variations profiling studies to identify the relevant consumer group goals, priorities, timeframes and income allocation frames for the sport products and services.

Keywords: sports, consumer demand prioritizing model, sport career stages, sport values, consumer demand variations, demand driven economy.


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