Functionality profiling in modern elite mixed martial arts


Postgraduate V.E. Timokhina1
PhD, Associate Professor K.R. Mekhdieva1
PhD, Professor A.V. Zakharova1
PhD, Associate Professor N.B. Serova1
1Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg

Objective of the study was to profile functional, physical and psycho-physiological qualities in modern elite mixed martial arts. Sampled for the study purposes were the 18-34 year-old (n=9) male MMA competitors who were tested at the pre-season training stage. The sample functionality was tested by the body components testing Tanita (Japan-made) Test system; HR variability testing RAMENA (Russia-made) test system; physical working capacity testing (Schiller AG Switzerland-made) test system; anaerobic capacity testing COSMED (Italy-made) test system; speed-strength testing MONARK (Sweden/ Italian TechnoGym made) test system; plus Neurosoft (Russia-made) psychophysiological test system. The sample was tested with fairly high speed-strength, speed and psychomotor response indices and fair aerobic working capacity indices on the one hand. On the other hand, however, the tests showed some underdevelopment of the respiratory and muscular systems; plus the tensed functionality of the body regulation systems in the sample..

Keywords: mixed martial arts, functional tests, sport physiology, functionality profile.


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