Promotion of school sport club activity in general educational system of Moscow Oblast



PhD, Associate Professor E.D. Mitusova1
V.V. Mitusov2
1State University of Humanities and Social Studies, Kolomna, Moscow region
2Spartak Greco-Roman wrestling Sport school, Moscow region, Kolomna

The study presents and analyzes a new school sport club model in different aspects. The school sport club model is intended to facilitate progress of picked school sport teams; secure the inflow of gifted prospects; step up the competitive activity (both in sports and learning process); and advance off-class sports. The school sport club model is supported by a physical education and sports development strategy for the general education school with detailed activities and events; human resource forecasts; with the modern corporate culture viewed as a sport promotion vehicle; with a wide range of optional sports including wrestling, artistic gymnastics, aerobics, athletic gymnastics etc.; group gym practices (CrossFit, body building, powerlifting etc.); mass master classes in the increasingly popular Health Week format; GTO Complex tests; and the competitive activity viewed as an indispensable part of an individual success and reputation in the primary schoolchildren’s subculture. The new school sport club model was piloted and tested at Secondary School #15 in Kolomna, Moscow Oblast, in the period of 2015 to 2017. The school sport club model was found beneficial as verified by its practical contribution to the school sport advancement programs, inflow of senior pupils to the club and the growing popularity of the self-reliant physical trainings.

Keywords: general education school, pupils, school sport club model, school sport club success rating criteria.


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