Promotion of physical education and sport services for people with transplants in Russia


PhD T.Y. Shelekhova1
Dr.Med., Professor E.E. Achkasov1
Dr.Med., Professor V.A. Zaborova1
Dr.Med., Professor K.G. Gurevich2, 3
1First I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of Ministry of Health of the RF (Sechenov University), Moscow
2A.I. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Moscow
3Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University MH RF, Moscow

The article analyzes the available literature on the physical education and sport services for people with transplants; emphasizes the fact that this health group can make good progress both in amateur and professional sports and physical trainings; gives statistics of the group sport accomplishments versus the healthy peer groups; and overviews the practical experience of sport services and competitions for the people with transplants in Russia. The special sport services and competitions for people on supportive dialysis and/or with transplants have been in progress in many sports for the last 7 years including volleyball, futsal, football, table tennis etc. Based on the study data, we recommend the special physical education and sport services for the life quality improvement purposes after the transplantation surgeries. It will be beneficial to have a team sports federation for people with transplants established in Russia and support its activities by medical and practical recommendations to facilitate the physical education and sport services for people with transplants.

Keywords: transplantation, physical rehabilitation, physical education and sport services, team sports for people with transplants, life quality.


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