Metaboliс, functional, psycho-physiological and regulatory indices in athletes in pre-season prior to Russian Thai boxing championship



PhD, Associate Professor I.V. Demin1
PhD M.B. Salamatov2
PhD, Associate Professor M.Y. Stepanov1
1Tchaikovsky State Institute of Physical Culture, Tchaikovsky
2Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow

The study analyzes benefits of athletes’ metaboliс, functional, psycho-physiological and regulatory indices in pre-season in the modern Thai boxing, with application of a computerized NTK Computer Test System (Kiev). The tests were designed to obtain the anaerobic threshold HR (HRat) and maximal oxygen consumption (HRmoc) data in the functionality rating tests; stress tolerance and nervous system sensitivity indices in the psycho-physiological domain; standard heart rate variability (HRV) in the active orthostatic tests; followed by autonomic regulation typing, integrated functional variation and adaptability rating tests by S.A. Dushanin. Subject to the tests was a 26-year-old Master of Sports in Martial Arts in pre-season prior to the Perm Territorial Championship. The tests were made during the day 3 hours after morning training sessions on a daily basis, for eight days prior to the competitions. The study data were indicative of the test indices being in correlation with the training and rehabilitation processes.

Keywords: functionality, metaboliс/ functional/ psycho-physiological/ regulatory indices, performance tests.


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