Students’ behavioral models in context of healthy lifestyle cultivation

Students’ behavioral models in context of healthy lifestyle cultivation


PhD, Associate Professor I.V. Mishchenko1
Dr.Sc.Psych. N.Y. Flotskaya1
PhD, Associate Professor S.Y. Razmakhova2
PhD, Associate Professor S.Y. Bulanova1
1Northern (Arctic) Federal University n.a. M.V. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk
2Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

The study analyzes the students’ biological age rating data and questionnaire survey data for the students with health limitations exempted from the academic physical education (n=190) and special health group students (n=284). The questionnaire survey was designed to mine data on the sample’s nutrition, daily regime, physical activity and bad habits; plus functionality data including blood pressure, respiratory function (Breath-Holding Tests) rating data; and static ataxia (Romberg test) rating data.
The study data made it possible to analyze the students’ actual health standards, lifestyles, functionality reserves and physical activity. Tests under the study rated 75% of the sample with the older biological ages, particularly in the group exempted from physical trainings due to the health limitations where the biological age was rated at up to 50 years in a few cases. Despite own health being rated by the sample quite optimistically on average, the study found growth in the numbers of students diagnosed with 2+ chronic diseases located in different bodily systems, with the diseases being apparently due to unhealthy living conditions, malnutrition, sleep loss and excessive academic workloads.

Keywords: students, biological age, health level, lifestyle, physical activity.


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