Biological feedback method to facilitate academic progress

Biological feedback method to facilitate academic progress


PhD, Associate Professor O.E. Piskun1
PhD, Associate Professor M.Y. Ababkova1
PhD, Associate Professor V.L. Leontyeva1
1Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg

The study considers benefits of a biological feedback method to facilitate the academic progress. The study was designed to check the assumption that graphical presentations of educational materials improve the learning and understanding process and the mental states of the students – in contrast to the traditional texts-dominated formats.
Objective of the study was to analyze correlations of educational material presentation formats with students’ mental states – which were rated by the biological feedback method prior to and after the educational sessions in the Experimental Group (EG) versus the Reference Group (RG) of 12 people each. We applied a computerized Current Mental State (CMS) Test System to rate the mental and physiological aspects in both of the groups. The biological feedback method piloting experiment showed that the educational material presentation formats may be critical for the students’ academic progress and mental states.

Keywords: biological feedback, current mental state, emotional sphere, improvement, educational process.


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