80th anniversary of Physical Education and Sport Department of Perm State National Research University

80th anniversary of Physical Education and Sport Department of Perm State National Research University


PhD, Associate Professor G.A. Gavronina1
Associate Professor E.B. Kolomeitseva1
1Perm State National Research University, Perm

The article analyzes the key progress stages and events in the history of the Physical Education and Sport Department (PESD) of Perm State National Research University for 80 years since its establishment back in 1938. It describes, among other things, the war-time period in the history of PESD when a top priority was given to combat and physical training. In 1950ies PESD and academic sport club made a special emphasis in their health and cultural service to the special sport events. In the 1960ies the university teams started competing in the inter-university and inter-regional sport events, and the growing openness of the academic sports contributed to the policies to develop the academic sport facilities and assets. In the 1970ies the university physical education curriculum was updated as required by the national long-term communist cultural plan for the academic communities. In the 1980ies the PESD physical education curriculum was put on a sports-prioritizing (sportizated) basis with a wide range of optional sports offered to students. In the 1990ies PESD went through a difficult period of the political and socio-economic reforms triggered by the breakdown of the USSR that largely hampered the physical culture and sports movements in the country, and despite that the faculty managed to keep afloat the core physical education services provided by the university. As things now stand, the PESD policies and practices are designed to secure progress of the research, educational and practical training services to meet the high standards set by the national academic educational system.
Keywords: anniversary, history, physical education and sports department, students.


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