Physical education and sports contribution to personality socializing process



PhD, Associate Professor G.V. Shvetz1
PhD, Associate Professor L.N. Baklanov1
PhD, Associate Professor M.V. Andrianov1
1State University of Humanities and Social Studies, Kolomna, Moscow region

Objective of the study was to provide research and theoretical grounds for the senior schoolchildren socializing process. The study was performed at Secondary Schools #24 and #15 of Kolomna in the period of 2016-17. The senior schoolchildren sampled for the study were surveyed to rank the key factors of the personality socializing process. The survey found that the sporting and physically trained schoolchildren are more adaptable to the environments in the social and mental aspects than their non-sporting peers. The questionnaire survey data give the grounds to conclude that sound educational provisions and programs for senior schoolchildren are needed to motivate them for physical education and thereby facilitate the personality socializing process. A special priority in the process shall be given to the humanistic values of the school physical education and sports.

Keywords: personality, socializing process, sports culture, value potential of sports.


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