Olympic competency building computer simulation model



PhD, Associate Professor S.L. Sazonova1
D.A. Shubkina1
1Ekaterinburg branch of Ural State University of Physical Culture, Ekaterinburg

The study analyzes the notion of Olympic competency and its role in the world outlook cultivation viewed as one of the key aspects of success in the modern society; considers the modern interactive educational tools on the whole and a computer simulation model in particular as components of the Olympic educational process; and describes the computer simulation model applicable for the Olympic competency building mission. Furthermore, the authors list the key practical provisions for implementation of the Olympic educational model with its programs and content. Sampled for the Olympic competency building computer simulation model testing experiment (run in the period of March 1 to November 1, 2017) was an artistic gymnastics group of 10-11 year-olds (n=20) trained in Locomotive CYSS and tested at the Ekaterinburg Physical Culture Institute; with the sample split up into Experimental and Reference Groups (EG, RG) of 10 people each.
The Olympic competency building computer simulation model was found beneficial as verified by the notable progress of the EG versus RG, with the EG theoretical competency and values system tested 33% and 21% higher than in the RG, respectively. The model testing experiment and test data give grounds to conclude that the proposed experimental Olympic competency building computer simulation model is beneficial.

Keywords: Olympism, computer simulation, Olympic competency.


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