Setter training specifics in volleyball



A.V. Andreev1
N.Yu. Belova2
1Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow
2Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

It is a challenging task to train a setter whose responsibility is to orchestrate the team offense (with special qualities and skills are required for this mission). Setter training process is always in high priority as his performance is critical for success of the team on the whole. The study was designed to develop and test a variety of setter training methods and tools. The setters’ technical skills were tested by the proven practical tests accepted in the volleyball theory and practice and considered reasonably objective and informative for the performance rating purposes. The tests are good enough to rate the second pass dependability and quality in at least the following game situations: overhand pass from zone 3 to zone 4; overhand pass from zone 3 to zone 2 or behind; overhand pass from the back of the court to zone 4 for offense; overhand pass to the wall target face/ back towards the target (alternatively). The setter training model was found beneficial as verified by the Experimental Group progress in the pass quality rated by an expert (coaching) team in the model piloting and testing experiment.

Keywords: volleyball, setter, ball pass, test.


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