Mass physical education in Russia: philosophical and cultural overview



PhD O.A. Pogodina1
PhD O.B. Vasilyeva1
PhD, Associate Professor Е.V. Efremova1
Senior teacher I.V. Kiseleva2
1State University of Humanities and Social Studies, Kolomna, Moscow Region
2Moscow State Regional University, Mytishchi

The study analyzes the historical progress of the mass physical education in Russia for the last centuries. It demonstrates that prior to the revolution of 1917 the physical education system was designed to serve the nobility on the whole and the young noble generation in particular, and was non-accessible for most of the people for a variety of economic, cultural and historical reasons. After the revolution the physical education policies were geared to promote mass physical training movements although they were largely stalled in the mid-1980ies and totally collapsed after the breakdown of the USSR. The study analyzes the mentality of the modern Russian population with its common negligent attitudes to reasonable physical activity and its self-fulfillment, rejoicing and health improvement aspects.

Keywords: physical education, Russian population, ideology, way of life, survival.


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