National sports fundamental for Olympic accomplishments of Yakut athletes


Ya.I. Yakovlev1
I.I. Druziyanov1
N.D. Kronnikov1
S.V. Semenov1
1Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk

National sports have always been popular as an integral element of the national lifestyles dictated by the natural millenniums-old living traditions, and they still heavily contribute to the national athletes’ successes. Presently the most popular ethnic Yakut sports are hapsagay and mas-wrestling. The article analyzes the modern sport accomplishments of the Yakut athletes in the context of the national sport traditions; and underlines that at least three out of four national qualifiers for the Olympics have competed in the disciplines similar to the national sport games. It is concluded that the determined studies of the millenniums-old popular national sports in Russia and prudent government policies in the national physical education and sports sector have contributed to the Russian sports progress on the global arenas. Further progress needs to be supported by studies in the following subjects: a variety of ethnic sports; similarities of ethnic sports and games in the context of the historical commonwealth of the people; and analysis of the valid hapsagay wrestling rules.

Keywords: Yakut national sports, Yakut sports, hapsagay, mas-wrestling, martial arts, national mentality.


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