Crisis of core values in modern Olympic sports


Dr.Hab., Professor F.I. Sobyanin1
Dr.Hab., Professor V.N. Irkhin1
PhD, Associate Professor Т.В. Nikulina1
PhD, Associate Professor A.P. Peresypkin1
1Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod

The article analyzes the ongoing crisis and negative trends in the modern Olympic sports. Objective of the study was to give an account of the values degrading process in the modern Olympic sports and attitudes to them to outline the fundamental reasons for the crisis of the modern Olympic sports. The study classifies the Olympic sport values into general human values, international and national Olympic sport values; analyzes the values degradation process in the modern societies; and lists the key negative trends in the Olympic sports including: biased refereeing service; biased attitudes to individual athletes and national teams; doping related problems; financial scandals; dirty politicking in sports; violations of the relevant international laws; violations of the core principles set forth by Pierre de Coubertin and the valid Olympic Charter. Based on the study data, the core reasons for the values system crisis in the modern Olympic sports are outlined including the global humanitarian crisis; sport politization and commercialization processes; and sport system mismanagement.
Keywords: crisis of values, dialectics of modern Olympic sport, trends.


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