Progress rating system in us physical education school curricula


Dr.Hab., Dr.Phys.Ed.Sp., Professor I.G. Maksimenko1, 2, 3
Dr.Hab. Russia and Ukraine, Professor G.N. Maksimenko3
PhD, Associate Professor V.V. Sokorev1
PhD S.V. Rylskiy1
1Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod
2Voronezh State Institute of Physical Culture, Voronezh,
3Lugansk Taras Shevchenko National University, Lugansk

As reported by the World Health Organization, a persistent physical health and fitness sagging trend is observed in the young population groups the world over. One of the reasons for this negative trend is the low efficiency of the school physical education system. This problem is quite critical for the national school systems in Russia and Belorussia with the physical education service quality and quantity still insufficient to notably improve the students’ health standards. The leading specialists tend to believe that progress in the school population physicality and functionality may be secured only by large-scale institutional and practical reforms in the system. A special priority will be given, among other things, to the trainees’ progress rating in the physical education discipline. This was the reason for us to summarize the practical experience of the US school system in this domain to have it potentially implemented in the national school system. Our analysis of the available study reports on the subject showed the studies being still inconsistent and, hence, their findings contradictory. We applied the theoretical data analysis, synthesis and generalization of the US education curricula and reports to analyze the existing progress rating system in the physical education discipline in the US schools. Three versions of the progress rating system in the valid school physical education curricula were overviewed in the study.

Keywords: knowledge, motivation, skills, evaluation, program, testing, skill.


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