Sport school cultural resource optimization based on social education program


V.V. Yadreev1
A.V. Filippov1
A.V. Burnashev1
A.G. Migalkin1
1Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk

Objective of the study was to develop an advanced social education program “Olympic Ideal” designed to promote the international sport movement, healthy lifestyles, health competences and skills and help accumulate the practical application experience. The 4-year-long advanced social education program “Olympic Ideal” gives a special priority to the following education aspects: health building, humanistic emphasis, anti-doping provisions and multicultural basics; and offers additional competences in the international sport movement, its role and constituents. The program offers highly emotional events including Health Day, Sport Olympic Festival, trekking events, master classes of sport celebrities, visits to sport events, competitions and facilities etc.
The advanced social education program “Olympic Ideal” with its focused educational tools to promote the international sport movement, healthy lifestyles, Olympic values, and fair play tenets, to prevent addictions, cultivate immunity to doping and give a multicultural background – was found beneficial as verified by the growing engagement of the junior athletes into the international sport movement, their growing responsibility in the educational process, progress in trainings, good discipline and growing family support of the school sports.

Keywords: sports school, international sports movement, Olympic movement, sports, physical education, fair play, Fair Play principles.


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