Physical activity benefits for schoolchildren’s health and life quality


PhD, Associate Professor L.E. Pakhomova1
PhD, Associate Professor O.V. Petrenko1
PhD, Associate Professor V.K. Klimova1
PhD T.A. Mironova1
1Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod

Objective of the study was to analyze benefits of systemic physical activity for the schoolchildren’s health, wellbeing and motivations for leisure-time physical practices. A questionnaire survey under the study was performed at a few gymnasia in Belgorod. A sample of 487 (210 male and 277 female) students was surveyed and split up into 11-, 13- and 15-year-old groups; with the survey data processed by the standard computer software. It was found that the physical education class absenteeism has grown up and the attendance of off-class trainings (4-7 times a week) has sagged. Furthermore, 80-100% of the respondents in every age and gender subgroup reported having headaches, spinal pains, irritability, frustration, bad mood, nervous stresses at least once a week, with girls being more vulnerable to them. There are some respondents who report serious problems and rate their wellbeing/ life quality low; whilst most of the respondents attend off-class physical trainings in the school sport groups.

Keywords: schoolchildren, physical activity, health, quality of life, sports.


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