Fuel-and-energy specialist training system: physical education history


M.A. Zainetdinov
Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, Ufa

The study analyses the history of the Physical Education Department (PED) of Ufa State Petroleum Technology University, one of the leading Russian universities that trains specialists for the national oil-and-gas sector. The PED history since 1950s till now is analyzed based on the multiple archive documents, mass media reports, memoirs of senior educators and university graduates. The study gives the lists and career records of PED principals, leading professors and athletes; analyzes education, learning, education methodology development and research processes; PED human resource flow history; and accounts of the assets, facilities and equipment in the academic physical education system. The study data and analyses demonstrate the important contribution of the Physical Education Department in the national specialist training process.

Keywords: Ufa State Petroleum Technology University, physical education system, Physical Education Department, training sessions, human resource, sport facilities.


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