Specifications of technical and tactical actions used in modern football



Postgraduate student A.S. Zaichenko1
PhD, Professor Yu.A. Popov1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

The modern football theory and practice interpret football techniques as a set of special skills applied for success as the situation requires. Versatile technical skills are required for a footballer to be able to flexibly apply them in different combinations in a match for success; with the individual technical mastery and versatility viewed as the indispensable component of the modern training systems.
The technical skills in modern football need to be highly diverse, economic, simple and effective for the fast, precise and successful actions in every game situation, with the modern football techniques notably progressing with time. A special emphasis shall be made on the players’ technical skills and physical fitness levels to act in different game roles to secure the individual technical skills and physical fitness to be equally high in the teams regardless of the game roles. This is a top priority problem today that needs to be promptly and effectively addressed.

Keywords: technical skills in football, technical skills improvement tools, tactical and technical skills (TTS) classification.


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