Systemic reform model for competitive taekwondo in Russian regions


Postgraduate, master's student A.Yu. Gorbacheva1
Dr.Hab., PhD A.A. Peredelsky1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

The article considers benefits of the L.P. Matveyev’s research heritage being applied in the modern sports in a variety of components, including the athletic training process periodicity driven by the yearly macro-cycles in the context of the growing professionalization and commercialization of the modern sports. Tense sport calendars and still non-systemic services to athletes in the regions effectively hamper progress of the modern taekwondo in Russia. The study offers a detailed algorithm to combine the base competitive taekwondo theory and regional practices based on the L.P. Matveyev’s and V.B. Issurin’s training process timeframe models. Contents of the proposed algorithms cover the key aspects of the sport-specific workloads, training process scopes and intensities and the training process design and management basics.
Systemic reforms in the regional taekwondo training systems based on the proposed model algorithm will help optimize the physical training practices, techniques and tactics of modern taekwondo.

Keywords: systemic reform, taekwondo, classical and modular training systems in Russian regions.


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