Competitive performance rating criteria of in elite biathlon high qualification


PhD, Professor A.G. Batalov1
N.J. Jilkibaeva2
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow
2Centre of sports training of Russian national teams, Moscow

Objective of the study was to rate the competitive performance of the winners and runner-ups (referred to herein as the Global Elite) of the top-ranking international events including World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games in 2006 to 2017; versus that of the top three national athletes (Russian Elite). The competitive performance rating criteria were as follows: race speed ratio (SR) i.e. the individual versus the leader’s speed rate (s) per km; shooting success rate in percentage terms; and shooting time including the total time on the shooting range. For the purposes of the study, the competitive reports of the events were obtained and processed, with the Global Elite rates analyzed versus the Russian Elite rates. The study data and analyses showed that the national men’s and women’s biathlon teams still lag behind the best global standards in the shooting accuracy and racing speed, respectively.

Keywords: competitive performance, elite biathlon competitors, shooting time, shooting success rate, speed ratio.


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