Entry splash suppressing techniques in modern competitive diving


Dr.Hab., Professor V.Yu. Karpov1
Dr.Hab., Professor E.A. Raspopova2
Dr.Hab., Professor О.N. Stepanova3
Master's student P.E. Kurkin4
1Russian State Social University, Moscow
2Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow
3Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow
4Moscow City Pedagogical University, Moscow

Dives in modern competitive diving are scored by the approach, flight and entry, with the divers entering water mostly in the head-down position in contrast to all other sport disciplines. A perfect splash-free entry is critical for the dive being highly scored, and this is the reason why so high priority is given to this dive element by the modern training systems. The amount of splash is controllable by a variety of entry techniques need to be mastered for a competitive success. The article considers the splash-suppressing pre- and post-entry (underwater) techniques applicable in the dives with back and front rotations. The authors conclude that the entry quality upon the front/back rotation dive is largely determined by the body shape and pre-and post-entry actions.

Keywords: entry, splash, dive, competitive diving.


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