Introducing chess education in Russian school system: theoretical and practical aspects


PhD, Associate Professor A.I. Alifirov1
PhD, Associate Professor I.V. Mikhaylova1
Dr.Hab., Associate Professor A.S. Makhov1
PhD, Associate Professor, master's student M.S. Belov2
1Russian State Social University, Moscow
2Ivanovo State Power Engineering University n.a. V.I. Lenin, Ivanovo

The article considers the key provisions for the chess course introduction in the general education school curriculum; gives arguments to demonstrate benefits of this game discipline for students’ intellectual, competitive, mental, physical and spiritual progress; offers a frame design for the chess education curriculum; and gives practical recommendations on how the school chess education may be designed and implemented on a systemic basis.
In the phased implementation of the school chess course, in the school curricula one shall give a room for the propaedeutic beginner courses offered on an off-class/ optional basis; with the necessary human resource for the chess education to be trained as required by the relevant additions to the valid FSHES to secure inflow of the skilled primary school teachers and physical instructors having due chess competences for the school services in the Chess Theory and Practice Basics and Chess Mastering Technology and Education Methods disciplines. Under the school chess implementation project, a 3-level (federal, regional, municipal) system of volunteer training centers shall be established, with the volunteers providing assistance to school trainers and teachers having the necessary competences including the Class I chess mastery qualification, Class III refereeing qualification (for the 14+ year-olds) and the relevant psychological/ educational background.

Keywords: chess, chess education, chess education models and didactic tools.


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