Athletes’ rights protection in sport medical service system


PhD, Associate Professor V.I. Kuzmenko1
PhD, Associate Professor D.A. Musabirova2
PhD, Associate Professor S.Kh. Mukhametgaliyeva1
Dr.Sc.Tech., Professor B.G. Ziganshin3
1Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University, Elabuga
2Naberezhnye Chelny Institute of Kazan Federal University, Naberezhnye Chelny
3Kazan State Agrarian University, Kazan

The study considers a few problems with concern to the professional athletes’ health and life protection particularly upon their retirement from professional sports. It is important to clearly specify and analyze the key problems of the health services to the former professional athletes viewed as the specific patients’ group, with such analyses being critical for bridging the gaps in the relevant legal provisions and law application practices to secure the valid legislation being applied on the most efficient basis with the lawful interests of every professional sport actor being respected on a balanced basis. Objective of the study was to analyze the theoretical and legal provisions and practices in the sport medical service system in application to professional athletes. The practical study methods were dominated by the general theoretical (didactic) cognition method, comparative and logical structure analyses, plus analyses of the theoretical and practical studies in the subject field to secure the athletes’ rights protection in the medical service system.

Keywords: professional sports, sport medicine, athletes’ health and life.


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