Mobile gadgets in academic physical education service: problems and prospects


PhD, Associate Professor A.V. Minkin1
PhD, Associate Professor A.V. Kostin1
PhD, Associate Professor N.N. Kostina1
1Elabuga Institute of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, Elabuga

A wide range of modern gadgets is being increasingly used in every life segment the world over. The study analyzes the modern mobile gadgets applicable in the self-reliant and educator-assisted physical training services with their benefits and drawbacks; reports results of a few tests of three mobile gadgets applied in the military cadets training process in the 100m sprint, 1000m race, prone push-ups and pull-ups on the horizontal bar. The gadgets were found beneficial as they provide excellent opportunities for the individual training progress rating and analyzing using the relevant mobile application tools; and significantly simplify services of physical education teachers and coaches giving them the means to rate progress of the trainees. However, the mobile gadgets can unlikely be used by the trainees on their own for the reason that their own progress rating reports may not be fair enough and, hence, the coach/ instructor cannot trust them – since such progress reports are known to be doubtful even in elite sports, and all the more in the academic physical education and sports system.

Keywords: mobile gadgets, sport standards, training process, correlations, physical fitness tests.


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