Modern sport science: problems and development prospects


Dr.Hab., PhD A.A. Peredelskiy
Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

The authors make a comparative analysis of the national and global sport science progress in the key aspects including sport selection and proportions of professional and amateur sports models; with the analytical data applied to assess and outline the real development prospects of sport science in every aspect. The article offers and substantiates the key theoretical and practical progress algorithms for the development model with the key provisions for the practical implementation of these algorithms. It is concluded that at this juncture the sport science is still not ready for serious reforms in the sports system. To begin with, the analysts shall consider the specific and real – rather than the abstract and virtual – provisions for progress of the modern sports, with their real development logics and vectors. 

Keywords: sport science, electronic resource, content analysis, categorical recommendations.


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