85th anniversary of Ufa State Aviation Technical University


Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №4 2018, pp.3-4

Dr.Hab., Professor G.I. Mokeev1
PhD, Associate Professor K.V. Shestakov1
Associate Professor V.M. Romanov1
Associate Professor G.M. Maksimov1
Dr.Med., Professor E.G. Mokeeva1
1Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Ufa

The report analyzes the key progress avenues in the academic physical education and sports services of Ufa State Aviation Technical University with a special emphasis on the role and contribution of its Physical Education Department and sport clubs in the specialist training process. The physical education and sports progress is considered in the historical context. Thus in 1950-60ies a top priority was given to the physicality building goals as required by the Ready for Labour and Defence movement; in 1970-80ies this policy was complemented by the high-quality specialist training agenda; and in 1990ies the faculty developed and implemented a target integrated Health Program at the University. Lately the academic community has taken special efforts to update the education service methods, curricula and models to respond the new political and economic challenges. The report highlights the key accomplishment of the University in the academic physical education and sports domain, including the successes of its students in many sport events of different calibers. For the last 30 years more than 30 World Class Masters of Sport; have been trained in the Physical Education Department and the university students have won championship titles more than 20 times in the World and European championships in different disciplines. For the last 25 years the Physical Education Department faculty has published more than 1500 theoretical and practical study reports.

Keywords: physical education and sports in curricula, research activity.

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