Relaxed diaphragmatic breathing in biological feedback toolkit applied in Physical Education specialist training process

Relaxed diaphragmatic breathing in biological feedback toolkit applied in Physical Education specialist training process



Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2018, pp.27-29

PhD, Associate Professor O.M. Shterts1
PhD, Associate Professor G.R. Shagivaleeva1
1Yelabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University, Yelabuga

The study analyzed relaxed diaphragmatic breathing in the biological feedback toolkit applied in the physical education specialist training process. Presently Physical Education teachers offer not only the physical development, training and precompetitive training services to students, but also assist in the relevant health programs being implemented in the physical education process. It means that the future specialists shall build up the relevant competences and skills in the health technologies including the relaxed diaphragmatic breathing technique. It should be noted that the subject issue in still underexplored in the relevant aspects. The study data shows the important role of relaxed diaphragmatic breathing for the bodily homeostasis, immunity and emotional balance. The study overviews and analyzes the empirical study data of the relaxed diaphragmatic breathing cultivation experiment, with the second-year students majoring in Physical Education and Life Safety discipline being subject to the biological feedback system testing experiment. The study data were processed using the standard mathematical statistics method with application of the Student t-criterion. Special correction practices with application of the biological feedback system were tested beneficial as verified by the students’ progress in the relaxed diaphragmatic breathing and self-control cultivation practices.

Keywords: biological feedback system, relaxed diaphragmatic breathing, health technologies, self-control, students, professional training.


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