Psychophysiological measurements in badminton

Psychophysiological measurements in badminton



Teoriya i praktika fizicheskoy kultury №3 2018, pp.21 -23

PhD, Associate Professor R.F. Akhtarieva1
Yu.K. Zhestkova1
PhD, Associate Professor R.R. Shapirova1
PhD S.R. Sharifullina1
1Yelabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University, Yelabuga

Badminton is ranked high among modern academic sports as it helps offset physical inactivity of the academic process and requires versatile motor skills. We applied computerized Activatiometer AC-95 Test System to obtain the mental and physical performance rating data of the badminton players, analyze them and produce the study findings and recommendations. The test system designed rated the situation-specific mental responses, responses to moving object (RMO) and time and space control. The situation-specific mental responses were rated high, mean and low in 48%, 37% and 15% of the sample, respectively. The late-trended RMO were rated average, low and poor in 6%, 29% and 65% of the sample, respectively; and the early-trended RMO were rated average, low and poor in 23%, 29% and 48% of the sample, respectively. Furthermore, the distance judging ability was rated good, excellent and average in 77%, 17% and 6% of the sample, respectively. We believe that the study data and analyses may be beneficial for the badminton game tactics design purposes in particular and for the training process on the whole, with a special emphasis on the competitive periods.

Keywords: students, badminton, computerized Activatiometer AC-95 Test System, mental and physical performance rates.


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