Precompetitive training process management based on fitness rating in elite rhythmic gymnastics



PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Suprun1
PhD, Professor E.N. Medvedeva1
PhD, Professor T.K. Sakharnova1
PhD, Associate Professor G.R. Aizyatullovа1
Master E.O. Andreychik1
1National State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health named after P.F. Lesgaft, St.Petersburg

As things now stand in elite rhythmic gymnastics, the difficulty levels of the group routines tend to persistently grow; and, hence, the group competitive performance largely depends on the mental fitness of every gymnast, otherwise the group cannot fully demonstrate its high skills and performance standards. Objective of the study was to show benefits of the precompetitive training process management model based on fitness rating tests in elite group rhythmic gymnastics. For the study purposes, the following methods were applied: theoretical analysis, summaries of the available special literature on the subject and regulatory documents of the International Gymnastics Federation; questioning surveys timed to the international tournaments, national Russian and regional championships; and expert assessments; with 20 respondents sampled for the survey. The gymnasts’ functionalities were tested by Omega-C Test System.

Keywords: rhythmic gymnastics, functionality, dependability, competitive success rate.


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