Integrated progress test algorithms for junior ski jumpers



G.K. Lebedev
Ural Federal University n.a. the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg

The study gives an account of the new training tools and the relevant integrated progress test rates applied in junior ski jumpers’ training system. The training tools and integrated progress rating tests were selected and designed to secure due data validity, coverage and dependability with no detriment for the training and competitive process. The study was performed at Aist [Swan] Children’s and Youth Olympic Reserve Sport School and Olympic Reserve Sport College #1 of Nizhny Tagil town, with 149 junior ski jumpers being subject to the study. Individual test rates of every athlete were input to the classified computer database with the following modules: competitive performance; technical fitness; special physical fitness; mental fitness; functional fitness; and anthropometrics. The training process was duly individualized and customized as required by the scheduled, current and special test rates.

Keywords: ski jumping, integrated test system, fitness rates, test process algorithms.


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