Russia physical culture and sports GTO complex: practical implementation aspects and problems



PhD, Associate Professor O.V. Strizhakova1
Dr.Biol., Professor V.А. Orlov1, 2
O.B. Fetisov2
1International University in Moscow, Moscow
2Institute of Biomedical Problems of RAS, Moscow

Subject to analysis in the study are the critical theoretical and practical aspects of the GTO Complex reinstatement process in the context of the modern information and education technologies, with the government demand being analyzed versus the progress in the public attitudes to the physical fitness rating GTO Complex tests. The authors are critical of the cultural and educational functions and practical test procedures presently offered by the GTO Complex project as they are still poorly customizable for the young and adult population groups; and analyze them versus the group-specific motivations for the tests and physical progress in general.  The study data and analyses demonstrate benefits of the digital system serving the GTO Complex tests and the need in the tests being better harmonized with the school and academic physical education programs and curricula.

Keywords: physical fitness indices, health resources, functionality resources of bodily systems, metabolic equivalent (MET).


  1. Orlov V.A., Strizhakova O.V., Fetisov O.B. Fizicheskaya kultura kak obrazovatelnaya i ozdorovitelnaya distsiplina [Physical education as educational and health discipline]. Voronezh: Nauchnaya kniga publ., 2017, 340 p.
  2. Sertifikat Gosstandarta na programmno-informatsionny kompleks «Navigator zdorovya» ROSS RU. 11SP24.S00006 ot 04.09.2012 [Certificate of the State Committee for the RF for Standardization and Metrology for the software and information complex " Health Navigator" RОSS RU. 11SP24.С00006 dated 04/09/2012].