Sport science periodicals: new challenges for national sport science



Dr.Hab., Professor L.I. Lubysheva1
Master's degree student N.G. Kotova1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

It is scientific journals that largely predetermine research policies of the relevant research institutions and may even cause their influences on decisions of dissertation councils. New information published in scientific journals may provide an impetus for research projects in one or another field. Every journal develops its own publication policies and practices, forms its pools of authors and wins some rank in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The RSCI database is being fast expanded to include new journals, new issues of the already registered journals and archive materials. Individual ranks of the indexed journals are updated on a regular basis to factor in the data inflows. Objective of the study was to find a set of scientific journal success criteria via an expert questionnaire survey. The expert questionnaire survey was designed to poll opinions of the top-ranking experts and analysts having a profound expertise in the subject field. The opinions were polled by a digital questionnaire form, with every expert polled on an individual basis. The expert questionnaire survey data made it possible to find a set of the scientific journal success criteria including the relevance and research topicality of the publications and the citation indices in the relevant Russian and international science databases.

Keywords: scientific journal, rating, success, criteria, expert questionnaire survey.


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